First Suite for Military Band in E-flat, Op. 28 Nº 1
I. Chaconne
II. Intermezzo
III. March

Tokyo Kosei Wind Orch.
Tatsuya Shimono

20 September 2014 ·

Lili Boulanger
D’un soir triste (1918)

BBC Philharmonic
Yan Pascal Tortelier

What a masterpiece…penned by a French woman only 24 years young, with most of the material originating in earlier years. Tragically, she died shortly after completing it.

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Le nozze di Figaro, K 492

Cappella Istropolitana
Barry Wordsworth

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Scriabin Career Progression:

Weird Chopin -> Scriabin -> Weird Scriabin

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Violin, ca. 1669Nicolò Amati (Cremona, ca. 1596–1684)
From NY-MetMA


Violin, ca. 1669
Nicolò Amati (Cremona, ca. 1596–1684)

From NY-MetMA

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Would it be possible to write a chamber cantata based on warning information in TV commercials for prescription drugs?

Because to be honest my favorite thing ever is a hazy exterior shot of healthy-looking young people carelessly reclining by a rustic, sunny creek while a soothing female voiceover offers commentary like, “…drowsiness, mild ataxia, urinary retention, rash, and dry mouth. A small percentage of people taking this medication reported intense suicidal urges. Do not drive or operate machinery…”

19 September 2014 ·

"Sooner or later you’ve heard all your best friends have to say. Then comes the tolerance of real love. The same holds true for music."

~ Ned Rorem

19 September 2014 ·

Symphony in D minor
I. Lento — Allegro ma non troppo
II. Allegretto
III. Finale: Allegro non troppo

Orchestre National de France
Emmanuel Krivine

18 September 2014 ·


Nothing will make you question the necessity of musicians hyper-marking up their music in quite the same way as spending four or more hours of your life at a time erasing all those markings.

I think my favorite is when someone writes in an indication directly beside that same indication, which has already been printed for them. That, and when “V.S.” gets noted on the same page turn between two and five times.

18 September 2014 ·

Nielsen Competition Flautist Unfluttered by Butterfly

What do you do when a butterfly lands on your head during the world’s top competition for your instrument?

16 September 2014 ·

from The Orchestra and Its Instruments, 1917.

(Source: Flickr / internetarchivebookimages)

13 September 2014 ·

from Chats with Cello Students, Arthur Broadley, 1899.

from Chats with Cello Students, Arthur Broadley, 1899.

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I devoted a whole chapter to this document [The Yogyakarta Principles] because it clearly illustrates the totalitarian drive of the LGBT agenda. For example, Principle 29 calls for the establishment of “independent and effective institutions and procedures to monitor the formulation and enforcement of laws and policies to ensure the elimination of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” This means that a super-structure above the level of the nation-state should be established to reorganize and control the whole of society towards the privileges of the LGBT movement.

I urge people to take a minute and read the Yogyakarta Principles—or at least just this one Principle 29—in order to get a sense of the document’s totalitarian agenda.



- Gabriele Kuby,
German sociologist and ideologue
quoted in 
The Catholic World Report

(Cabral takes possession of Brazil, 1500 CE)

"A super-structure above the level of the nation-state to reorganize and control the whole of society" according to a "totalitarian agenda."

I mean, really. Do these people not think about what they’re saying? At all?

If a group of educated activists meet to draw up an (essentially toothless) document supporting international observation of LGBT rights, it’s a scary super-structure hell bent on world domination. If the Church aggressively discourages contraception, or, say, lends its blessing to the imperialist conquest of the known world, then it’s an altruistic act of illumination.

I can’t believe I just read that.

13 September 2014 ·

800 plays

Bach: Partita No.6 in E Minor, BWV 830 - I. Toccata

Glenn Gould

J. S. Bach
Partita Nº. 6 in E minor, BWV 830
I. Toccata

Glenn Gould

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13 September 2014 ·

"Situated many hundreds of miles from our families in the howling wilderness, I believe few would have equally felt the happiness we experienced. I often observed to my brother, “You see now how little nature requires to be satisfied.” I firmly believe it requires but little philosophy to make a man happy in whatsoever state he is."

~ Col. Daniel Boone

13 September 2014 ·

Curtis Lindsay
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expert in nonsense.

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