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Here’s a small piano piece I wrote one evening back in early January. It means an awful lot to me because of reasons; this is an electronic rendering, and, strange to say, I think I curiously prefer it in this form (though it’s also nice to play acoustically, certainly).

23 April 2014 ·


14th-century depiction of the Dreamer and the Pearl-maiden from the Cotton Nero A.x. manuscript of the anonymous Middle English poem Pearl.


14th-century depiction of the Dreamer and the Pearl-maiden from the Cotton Nero A.x. manuscript of the anonymous Middle English poem Pearl.

22 April 2014 ·


All these years later, I still think this site in and of itself would be sufficient cause for the internet.

22 April 2014 ·

Anonymous asked: how would you describe your relationship with the piano? is it like a life companion?


when i’m performing i treat the piano as an extension of my body. i’m a super physical performer, and i am really interested in the physicality of sound.

one of the things i think about most often w/r/t playing the piano is the false dichotomy of “technicality” and “musicality,” and this applies to the relationship between (a) my desire to demystify so-called “interpretive” choices by exposing the technical and material actions that comprise them and (b) my love for the intensely personal and physical sensation of performing

sometimes in performance i treat the piano as a conduit on some level – a medium, a tool, with which i can access that mysterious sensation. other times, the piano itself is an end. it really depends.

22 April 2014 ·

"Les tisserands,” FP 130 Nº 8

Cambridge Singers
John Rutter

21 April 2014 ·


Today has been one of those days in which I feel that everyone else understands my motivations and idiosyncrasies far better than I do. I hate feeling like that. It’s just part of it, though, I guess.

21 April 2014 ·

Let me show you the song of my people




…Yes. I still get submissions every day, despite the fact that you have to go through the FAQ page (which states very clearly that I don’t accept submissions) to get to the ask page and that I’ve stated countless times that I do not accept submissions. 

this is the best piece i have ever seen

Oh, yeah—molto tenuto on the big G-sharp. Might wanna open up that vowel, though, in exactly the way your blog is not open to submissions.

21 April 2014 ·

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Symphony Nº 2 in E-flat, Op. 63
III. Rondo: Presto

London Philharmonic Orch.
Sir Georg Solti

Elgar’s Second Symphony (1911), dedicated to the memory of Edward VII, was influenced by sentiments and passages from Shelley and Tennyson. Tremendously popular in its day, it became the only one of Elgar’s large-scale works to be recorded in his lifetime untruncated and using the full forces. The symphony’s scherzo is an extended ternary-rondo, a sort of C minor existential crisis sandwich on C major country dance bread. Referring to a particularly ominous passage in the interior of the movement, Elgar told a violist in rehearsal that the throbbing rhythm should evoke a maddening fever. Overindulgence and passionate excess are recurring themes throughout the symphony — Elgar, in his typical way, described the process of composing it as “weaving strange and wonderful memories into very poor music.”

[Bosch | The Garden of Earthly Delights (det.)]

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Please tell me every good wind ensemble piece ever. Extra credit if you have scores or links to them. Also, whatever I need to know about writing for wind ensemble…


I was gonna say Maslanka 4, but you’re already listening to that …

In no particular order, and…

All these. Also Jonathan Newman: Symphony no. 1 “My Hands Are a City”, Steven Bryant: Ecstatic Waters and Concerto for Wind Ensemble, Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments and the Concerto for Piano and Winds, and also the Messiaen pieces for wind ensemble/piano and winds.

A few staples I would add:

Grainger - Lincolnshire Posy
Hindemith - Symphony in B-flat
Husa - Music for Prague
Reed - Russian Christmas Music
Chance - Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Persichetti - Pageant, Divertimento

20 April 2014 ·


Alberto Ginastera taking a photo of a little girl.


Alberto Ginastera taking a photo of a little girl.

20 April 2014 ·

"Silver Lining," Don’t Shoot the Pianist.

"Silver Lining," Don’t Shoot the Pianist.

19 April 2014 ·

16 Waltzes, Op. 39 (four hands)
Nº 6, 5, 12, 2, 1, 14, 10, 6 bis

Nadia Boulanger and Dino Lupatti, piano

19 April 2014 ·

"The violin section is divided in to the First Violins, who have the trickier parts to play, and the Second Violins, who are more fun at parties"


Lemony Snicket

from “The Composer is Dead”

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18 April 2014 ·

J. S. Bach
Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4
Versus I: “Christ lag in Todesbanden

Münchener Bach Chor und Orchester
Karl Richter

18 April 2014 ·

J. S. Bach
Matthauspassion BWV 244
So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen / Sind Blitzen, sind Donner

Gundula Janowitz, Christa Ludwig
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Wiener Singverein
Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert von Karajan

18 April 2014 ·

Curtis Lindsay
Pianist, composer,
expert in nonsense.

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