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Jungle Book - The Beaches of Lukannon

Polyphony, Layton (HYPERION 1996)

Percy Grainger
The Jungle Book
"The Beaches of Lukannon" 

Stephen Layton 

"This is the great deep sea song that all the St. Paul seals sing when they are heading back to their beaches in the summer. It is a sort of very sad seal National Anthem:

I met my mates in the morning (and, oh, but I am old!)
Where roaring on the ledges the summer ground-swell rolled;
I heard them lift the chorus that drowned the breakers’ song–
The Beaches of Lukannon–two million voices strong.

The song of pleasant stations beside the salt lagoons,
The song of blowing squadrons that shuffled down the dunes,
The song of midnight dances that churned the sea to flame–
The Beaches of Lukannon–before the sealers came!

I met my mates in the morning, a broken, scattered band.
Men shoot us in the water and club us on the land;
Men drive us to the Salt House like silly sheep and tame,
And still we sing Lukannon–before the sealers came.”

- Rudyard Kipling (excerpted)

(Henry Elliot | Lukannon Beach, Shore of St. Paul’s Island, 1872)

23 November 2012 ·

Curtis Lindsay
Pianist, composer,
expert in nonsense.

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