4 February 2012 ·

The Circus | Georges Seurat

The Circus | Georges Seurat

16 December 2011 ·

John C. Heed - “In Storm and Sunshine”
Eastman Wind Ensemble
Frederick Fennell

18 September 2011 ·


A screamer is a march intended for use in the circus, where it is played considerably faster than a standard military march (132-144 beats per minute, or faster still, as opposed to 120). Screamers tend to follow the same A-B-C-D-C’ form employed in most military marches (two strains, trio, break strain, trio) but are played without as much dynamic contrast, as their purpose—implied in the name—is to create frenzied excitement under the big top.

Some of the most famous screamers include Fucik’s Entry of the Gladiators, Henry Fillmore’s Klaxon and Rolling Thunder, and Karl L. King’s Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite

18 September 2011 ·

Curtis Lindsay
Pianist, composer,
expert in nonsense.

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