Fantastic documentary on Soviet pianist Maria Yudina (Russian, Eng. subtitles).

12 April 2014 ·

And then came the evening and the morning
documentary (1990) on Arvo Pärt

4 January 2014 ·

21 November 2013 ·

Elgar: The Man Behind the Mask
BBC4 Documentary

Was there more to this great British composer than the country gentleman with the stiff upper lip? 

6 July 2013 ·

Carlos Kleiber: Traces to Nowhere
ServusTV 2010

16 March 2013 ·

The Great Piano Scam: on the…erm…legendary late recordings of Joyce Hatto.

19 December 2012 ·

Bruno Monsaingeon
Sviatoslav Richter: the Enigma (documentary)
Part One

Part Two 

29 July 2012 ·

Let’s Get Lost

Wonderful, up-close and personal documentary on jazz legend Chet Baker. Written and directed by Bruce Weber, 1988.

3 July 2012 ·

A documentary film on flutist Emmanuel Pahud. 

14 June 2012 ·



BBC Stephen Fry on Wagner (by goatcee)

Watch this now

that is an order

Ja wohl! I’ve only seen parts and pieces of this before—it’s a great documentary on Wagner.

And of course Stephen Fry. <3

23 May 2012 ·


Music engraving on metal plates

Ever thought about how sheet music gets printed, or at least was printed before computers?

“I don’t make mistakes.” German precision FTW.

(Source: leareth-svraiel)

8 May 2012 ·

Bruno Monsaingeon - Mlle Nadia Boulanger,
documentary film

"It seems to me that the one quality lacking in many people is attention, which is, essentially, a form of character. With some people there is such concentration that everything becomes important—while with others, everything passes and is forgotten.  They repeat their actions from day to day. No evolution is possible because whatever is produced immediately dissolves. Then, there are people who take 20, 40, 50 years to find what they are looking for…this is the fundamental distinction between people. It makes some extraordinarily active, and others what I call ‘sleepers.’ Let the sleepers lie—there is no point in waking them. They are nice; they are happy with themselves."

- Nadia Boulanger 

10 April 2012 ·

A little more Michelangeli for you today, from a 1959 documentary. In it, he listens to a student play some Debussy, then sits down to play Mompou’s Cançon No. 6 and another piece.

5 January 2012 ·

31 December 2011 ·

If you love Shosty, consider checking out Oliver Becker’s documentary on the composer; it’s an hour well-spent. The video presented here is the first of six segments on Youtube.

Discussion topic: What would Shostakovich say about SOPA, I wonder?

23 December 2011 ·

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