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Esteban Sanchez

Albéniz - España, Op. 165
II. Tango

Esteban Sánchez, piano

(Eduardo Abela, 1899-1965) 

16 February 2012 ·

Schnittke - Rondo for violin and piano
Gidon Kremer, violin
Martha Argerich, piano 

2 January 2012 ·

Astor Piazzolla - “Fracanapa”

The audio is a bit blippy…but this is pure awesome.

18 October 2011 ·

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Piazzolla - L’histoire du tango
2. “Café 1930”
Gidon Kremer

Piazzolla’s four-movement “History of the Tango” is a cycle cleverly depicting the evolution of the tango from its origins in the habañera and milonga into the kind of concert music for which Piazzolla became famous. The second movement, “Café 1930,” languidly and nostalgically evokes the tango style of the composer’s youth, as he would have known it from the cafés of Buenos Aires. The music was originally conceived for flute and guitar; this 1996 recording is from an arrangement of the cycle presented by violinist Gidon Kremer and colleagues.

(photo by KoRaYeM)

16 July 2011 ·

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Astor Piazzola 

 El choclo

(Source: musical-release, via blogthoven)

24 June 2011 ·

149 plays


Invierno Porteno: Winter in Buenos Aires composed by Astor Piazzolla. Performed by Kremerata Baltica with Gidon Kremer.

1 June 2011 ·

Tosca Tango Orchestra - Pelo Negro
from the soundtrack to the Richard Linklater film Waking Life 

9 May 2011 ·

Igor Stravinsky - Tango for piano
Michel Béroff, piano. 

23 December 2010 ·

Astor Piazzolla - Escualo (tango)

19 December 2010 ·

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